LUNCH WITH BUDDHA "A beautifully written and compelling story about a man's search for meaning that earnestly and accessibly tackles some well-trodden but universal questions. A quiet meditation on life, death, darkness and spirituality, sprinkled with humor, tenderness and stunning landscapes." - Kirkus

MY GROUND TRILOGY “Torra’s evocation of the… twisted white-trash milieu is brilliantly done, creating an uneasy portrait of life on the fringes of sanity and society.”- London Times

“If words were lug nuts, Joseph Torra would spin them in ways the guys down at the garage never dreamed of.” - New York Times Book Review


"The book arrived today and I’m already devouring it. It’s like a huge glass bowl of M & Ms, irresistible and addictive."
- Christopher Purdy
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Suzanne Strempek Shea
Roland Merullo
John Dinatale
Joe Torra
Anne Driscoll
Sterling Watson


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