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Matthew Phillion

Matthew PhillionMatthew Phillion is an actor and short story writer.  A newspaper editor for several years, Phillion won a New England Press Association Award for a column focusing on the 9-11 tragedy and a National Electronic Publishing Association Award for his Hurricane Katrina coverage.

His prose has a noirish quality and has been compared to Sam Shepard and Richard Brautigan.

Phillion, a graduate from Merrimack College, has appeared in dozens of independent films.



 New Release:



PFP Publishing is proud to announce the release of Matthew Phillion's YA title the Indestructibles


Both a coming of age adventure and a love letter to comic book heroes, The Indestructibles is the story of five reluctant super-powered teenagers as they set out to save the world while trying to figure out their own place in it.

The Indestructibles begins with the last man standing from the previous generation of super-powered heroes, Doc Silence, gathering a ragtag team of rookies (a solar-powered girl, a dancer-turned-vigilante, a boy granted powers by an alien parasite, a werewolf with self-esteem issues, and a girl with a miniature black hole here her heart should be) just in time to take a stand against an old enemy who is collecting forces of their own to threaten the entire world.

“It’s an origin story,” says Phillion. He had developed the characters individually for years before realizing they worked best as a unified team, playing off each others’ quirks, strengths, and weaknesses. “They’re out to save the world, but at times their greatest challenges are their own insecurities and doubts. It’s only after they learn about themselves that they can change the world.”

While each of the heroes undergoes a transformative journey, The Indestructibles isn’t just about introspection – the characters must face down everything from a sentient hurricane to giant monsters, armed robots, out of control cyborgs, evil magicians, and even each other.

Sci-fi fans will find a lot of winks and nods to the decades of genre classics that helped inspire the story.

“It’s a self-aware book,” says Phillion. “These characters grew up in a world with its own super-powered heroes, but also a sense of history and pop culture shared with our own. It is almost impossible to tell a story like this without tipping your hat to the past, and the characters, without breaking the fourth wall, are able to let the readers in on the secret handshakes of this genre.”

Phillion wanted this story to avoid the sense that it was a “book for boys” or “book for girls” by focusing on challenges both universal and uniquely personal.

“Each of our heroes must combat the problems inherent with being a young person with their own fantastic challenges – setting barns on fire with your thoughts, sharing your brain with an alien – in a realistic, relatable way,” says Phillion.  “They each have a part to play in making the world a better place, but they have to learn how to get out of their own way to get there.”



 Matthew Phillion