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John DiNatale

John DiNatale began an apprenticeship with his father in his late teens accompanying him on surveillances and investigations, taking notes during interviews of criminal defendants, penning witness statements and ultimately learning the art of investigation through practical experience.

He is a charter member of the Licensed Private Detectives Association of Massachusetts, served on that organization's Board of Directors for 5 years, and was President from 1994-95. 

DiNatale has lectured and offered presentations at several law schools and legal conferences and has been a featured guest on numerous television and radio programs. His articles have appeared in Lawyers Weekly, the Journal of the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys and other publications.



New Release:

More than a series of engaging anecdotes, The Family Business gives readers a glimpse into the real world of the private investigator, and how that profession's stresses can bear on family life.  Funny, poignant, and informative, it taps into the bottomless curiosity readers and viewers have about the hidden aspects of life — both criminal and domestic.

This memoir tells the story of a multi-generational private investigation agency, founded by Phillip DiNatale, a former Boston police detective who was chosen to be one of four investigators tasked with catching the Boston Strangler.

There are revelations of some of the most interesting cases this family team has worked on over the past 40 years — from the theft of a Stradivarius violin and a Louis the XIV desk,  to large-scale gray-marketeering, to missing children (including the son of an African dictator)wiretapping, and some widely publicized industrial accidents on Boston's "Big Dig."

The Family Business offers insight into families troubled by divorce, addiction, and secrets as well as a look beneath the surface of city life, into the minds of those who break the law — from murderers and rapists, to welfare cheats and petty thieves.”